What is your faith in?

Good evening:


Do you ever find yourself curiously wondering the existence of everything?  Perhaps, wondering where everything came from?  Why it’s where it is, why everything has it’s certain name?  Maybe you ever wonder what’s beyond the planet that we reside on…no matter what the philosophical questions you’re asking yourself seem relevant or not, the truth is…they are.  But the truth remains, the answer is it’s how God pictured them.



Let me put that into perspective for you,


Have you ever felt like…you showed up at the exact place, for a reason that you couldn’t understand?  It may have seemed like this perfect storm, didn’t it?  It’s like wow, you showed up, this happened, and you were able to help.  Do you find that to be coincidence?  Eh, no, says I.  Let’s reverse the tables for a second:



Have you ever felt helpless, maybe you’re literally feeling absolutely helpless or struggling in life.  You find something, or someone, that puts a spark into your step so that your life can have a “purpose” again…Do you really find that to be coincidence?  Eh, no, says I.  How about this instance.



Something inconceivable happens, you need external help, because frankly; it’s outside of the realm of your control…yeah, it’s happened to me.  Where seemingly God called someone to come help me with this or that. Again, not coincidence.  Our lives are being played out to a tee, of exactly what God wants them to be, because by us living in God’s will…we are able to love and be loved by the Father.



Now, you may read this and think there is no such thing as a….God.  Maybe you’re of the estimation that we all plants, animals, and species alike come from ameba’s and are all interrelated due to DNA testing.  I respect your thoughts, but I must beg to differ.  The last time I looked, that mosquito over there and me, we’re eerily dissimilar, rather than similar to the finest degree.  Now, I’ve been wrong before and will be wrong plenty of times, but I don’t understand how through adaptation that a being could be morphed into something like myself, into something as small and finite as a mosquito.  Again, I respect your beliefs, but I’m here to convince you of something…well…different.



Have you ever wondered about what science actually does?  The perception of Science is that…it is the determinant of what we need by society to exist, but I’ll argue that Science simply reiterates what God claimed as essential to survive.  You see, Science didn’t create our needs, God did.  You see, Science didn’t discover our needs, God created them.  Science didn’t determine that people eat x, y, or z.  God did.  The circle of life wasn’t created by science, God created it.  It’s just Science is rewarded with the credit for these things because it’s something that’s learned and can be taught in society, as opposed to picking up your Bible and looking at the deeper, philosophical meaning of what “life” really means.  When picking up the Bible, it’s more than just an instructional booklet, much more in fact.  The Bible literally relays everything that’s in existence and gives the who, what, when, where, and why. You may not realize that though, you probably just look into Google and a Scientist research comes up first…



Where did the Scientist get the resources to do that study?  The creator.  The Scientist didn’t create the resources, the Scientist just did the testing.  I ask that you don’t lose sight in that God creates the resources, not the Scientist.  Whether it’s medicine, food, etc, keep in mind that God is the inventor, the Scientist is the experimenter.  There’s a huge misconception in society of this dilemma.  So with that being said: Who is your faith in?



Do you put your faith in the Scientist, or our Master, the creator of all beings.



That’s just a little to think about as you go through your day.  Read a little bit of Genesis, you’ll be quite impressed with the detail that the Lord gives us.  Learn about God even specifies how long He will allow us to live.  I thank you for taking the time to read my blog, have a wonderful day: God bless!

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