In God we trust, or do we?

Good evening:


When was the last time you used a dollar bill?  How about put change into a vending machine?  Perhaps today at work, at schools, at the grocery store, or even maybe a restaurant.  So why coins, you wonder?


Every coin has this phrase, “In God we Trust”.  Every single piece of monetary valuables that this nation has to offer has that phrase coined on it.  Fortunately, it is a step of faith, a thing in where everyone who owns a dollar or a coin, is showing support and uplifting our savior.  Ah, that’s a fallacy, my friend.  I don’t even know if people realize that it still exists on the coins or bills.  But it does.



So my question to you, are you trusting God when you use that dollar?  Are you trusting that God will provide for you, even if you spend your last dollar and don’t understand where your next meal will come from?  You see that’s something simple, something as simple and a microcosm of what Christianity is supposed to be about.  Strictly faith.  All that is, is faith.  Think about it…have you ever physically seen God? No…Do you believe in God?  Well, I do at least.  How do I believe in something that I’ve never even seen?  Faith.  My definition of faith is consciously understanding the existence of something, but something that isn’t tangible.  That’s exactly what God is, we can’t touch God, but we know He is alive and watching us, maintaining His love for us.  That’s something so hard to fathom.  That someone is so loving and would give their only son to KEEP my sins free.  That’s insane and something I can’t comprehend, similar to what I said last night in my previous blog.



I absolutely love the fact that God is always there and loves me more than anything on this planet.  Especially in the fact that I’ve been so undeserving my entire life. I really don’t feel like I deserve any of the blessings I receive every single day, but I must say that I do appreciate every single one of them.



I can’t help but feel extremely humbled by the fact that God trusts me with the skill set that He has equipped me with.





Verse to think about: Ephesians 5:21 – Out of respect for Christ, be courteously reverent to one another.  As you go through you night, think about that when you approach and speak to someone.  Keep it in mind tomorrow, God is so good to those who love Him.  I’m so blessed to say that God loves me!




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