Politics from a Christian perspective?

Headline: Hope, Mission, Vision are all descriptions; not plans. God’s will is however.

Good evening,

I haven’t got to write in a while due to academic constraints.  I am seemingly pulling all-nighters literally every single night.  It doesn’t impact my relationship through Christ, but it did throw a curveball in my free time to write; which I didn’t like at all.  I have secretly been thinking of ideas about what I should start to write about, I believe the election is a great place to start writing about.  That’s right, that thing you were exhausted and tired of hearing about due to the insanity that was presented between both parties.  Sure, I was extremely tired of seeing the shots the candidates were taking back and forth, and quite honestly I was tired of listening to both speak.  I believe American’s have done an extremely poor job of selecting people who are dedicated to Christ’s way, I really don’t believe anyone could validate an argument that says otherwise either.  This nation has become so scared of walking on peoples toes, like they’re egg-shells, that people won’t do anything to get under another’s skin.  Well, fortunately or unfortunately, I am not scared to do so.  I am not scared to just simply say that I want to see a man or women lead this nation that isn’t scared to say a prayer in front of the camera.  I am also not scared to say that I want to see someone who isn’t afraid to turn to God when things seems difficult and where ideology plays no part in decisions.  You see, here’s what I’m here to talk about tonight.

I’m sure you watched some of the election coverage, right?  Whether you live in America, Canada, Brazil, New Guinea, Columbia, South Africa, Israel, China, etc, I would bet that you at some point seen coverage on your television monitor.  Now ask yourself, do you think either one of the candidates acted as if Jesus would act if He were up there?  Do you think that either one did a good job portraying Christian capabilities?  Did you actually know that Mitt Romney was a preacher for ten years?  Would you have known if he wouldn’t have told you?  So does it matter then?  How about his opposition, was he of the Christian capability?  You see, I believe that what we saw this Fall is a fundamental problem in the election process.  It is honestly the problem with Democracy.  Yes, I’m vouching that Democracy can be a bad thing.  Our hypocrisy to our own constitution is absurd and impractical.  It screams failure is on the cusp of our sleeve.  Let’s check it out like this:

  1. Negative Ads
  2. Political Parties
  3. Opposition

For instance, let’s look at negative ads.  I ask you this fair question, do you believe that in this election season the candidates actually portrayed themselves as good guys or just the other as a bad guy?  At any point in the election, whether it was county, region, district, state, or federal level did you see someone say what they can do for you while being honest at the same time?  If you did, it was rare.  I’ll go back to the Presidential election because of the magnitude of the situation.  I am not sure I heard either candidate be honest in a moment where they were telling the nation what they could do for them.  Perhaps they did, but their record and proof backs it up otherwise.  It’s fascinating how every person that won a position simply put out the most negative ads and it seemingly worked that people would see those ads and get a 15 second judgment on whom that person is, although that ad could be entirely false.  Interesting isn’t it?  Something that is subtle and comes un-noticed.

Let’s now look at political parties, because I believe this is the fundamental problem with Democracy, period.  Do you honestly believe that each of these candidates believe the exact same things, so strongly that a representative will never switch their parties ideology to work both ways.  You could look at the Presidential election at many ways and find that to be true.  The pride and masculinity of the position determines their ideology, which is completely sad.  What is ironic about the political persona here is that the fact Healthcare reform was denied by BOTH parties, then our President made it a point that he would continue implementing it until it would get passed, so both parties just agreed and let it go through.  That’s a huge fundamental problem here, that everyone sort of just follows suit.  It really makes you wonder how in less than a year it goes from everyone opposes it to suddenly agrees with it.  It is honestly extremely fascinating.  Now I’m not making any judgements, I just honestly find it hard to believe that all of those people switched their views that quickly when nothing really changed.  Political parties are really the demise of the credibility of our nation.  I personally just want to vote for the man who best would represent God.  It would be possible for a man to run as a Democrat and have all of the Christian social beliefs necessary but have the beliefs of a Democrat economically, so they deem fit as either party, but would represent Christ the best.  Yes, that’s an extremely possible scenario.  It also creates competition and hostility that isn’t needed at all, it creates situations that are immature and ridiculous.  I’ll give you an example, people harassing you about whom you voted for.  I was asked at least 100 times over the past month whether I voted, which is fine, but then they would ask if I supported the President.  That’s not cool.  Voting is a right that was obtained by hard working individuals whom gave their life for a cause that they felt was worthy of it.  People like in women’s suffrage, or people like Rosa Parks, MLJK, etc.  They represented equality amongst races and genders, which is terrific.  We all are American tax-payers, we all deserve the right to vote; but the right to probe whom I voted for?  That’s completely not necessary.  Thus creates immaturity because internally I feel violated and harassed.  If you are wanting to get people to vote, that’s fine.  I just firmly believe that political parties have really damaged this nation and separated people rather than brought them together and created unity.  On the night that Barack Obama made his victory speech, were you feeling as if the nation was united like he claimed?  Well obviously not, because 51% of the nation was on his side and 48% was on Romney’s side, so that doesn’t make the nation united, it proves a larger picture, a picture that American’s aren’t willing to work together because of egotistical behaviors that are incompetent.  If our nation would implement the core beliefs of Christianity and the willingness to compromise and work together for a common good, so that we could honestly be on our way onto the pursuit of happiness, I would be all for this nation and what it stands for.  However, that’s just a label; it’s a label that sadly isn’t correct and is fabricated.  Our government can’t even pass a budget, much less unite a nation.  My best friend for my entire life is sitting in Afghanistan fighting his tail off for this nation, but if they don’t come to a budget, it’s okay to freeze his pay.  That’s just one of the core issues of being divided and something the government and political parties have caused.  It’s okay to have people sacrifice their lives for the nation, but it’s not really important to pay them. What kind of subtle message does that send about how “united” we are as a nation?  Look, I’m not a genius or anything, I’m just stating my beliefs and what I see transpiring before my eyes, on a macro-level.

Now most important opposition.  It is extremely similar to the political parties difference, but it’s a more wow-ing thing that I see.  For example, you remember Richard Murdock, the guy from Indiana who said that every child is a child sent from God?  It’s not okay for this man to voice his opinion, but it’s okay for another senator to admit that she is homo-sexual.  I mean, it’s okay for Murdock to say that, but he lost so the public doesn’t obviously think it’s okay for him to do so.  Why is that?  Why is it so acceptable to agree with something that is fundamentally wrong in the Bible and with Christ, but it’s not okay to do the opposite?  You see how fascinating that is?  Do you see the subtle differences that our nation is going through right now?  This nation is moving away from the core-principles that made our amazing nation what it is today.  Wow, that’s unbelievable.  It is so hard to believe that our nation has suddenly become so accepted of things that are un-Christ like, but when it comes to things of Christ it’s insane.  I heard in class in my sociology class someone say, “It’s almost become cliche for athletes to thank God in their press conferences.”  That is crazy, that it is okay for someone to say that people are falsely praising the Lord.  Or is it?  Our society says it’s fine, as long as you have some “justification” for your reasoning.  I believe this is a fundamental principle that changed through the media.  It’s okay for us to twist, conjure, or create “justification” for anything we hear or see.  It’s so bad that in our daily sentences we get defensive before anyone even has an issue because we’re already trying to justify the problem before the problem happens, rather than just be honest and forthright as to why we did what, which is the Christian way.

Look, I’m trying to be un-biased here.  I am trying extremely hard to see both sides and be credible, but I can’t. The reality is that I am put on this Earth by God’s will whether I like it or not.  I have come to love the Lord, regardless of my circumstances.  I have grown to fall in love with God because He is the only way.  It’s His will or none at all.  I choose Heaven, not Hell.  It destroys me to believe that I’m living in the time where God is losing ground in America and Satan is vastly gaining.  I hope that you read this and see the core issues from both fronts from a political standpoint.  I pray that God appoints the upmost Christian man for the job.  I hope that you do the same, I want to see Jesus capture this nation by storm and we run back to our fundamental principles and continue to believe “In God we trust”.  Until that day comes that it comes off of our coins, I’ll have hope that our nation can always change back to the way we first started.  Friends, without Christ in this circumstance, we’re screwed.  Without God by our side, we will fail.  We will falter as a nation and it won’t be pretty.  The Bible tells us this on multiple instances.  I’m here to write and try to get people to view the issues in politics and start to do your research and start to vote for people who are Christ worthy, men or women.  So I believe that we should get on this ASAP.

What do to in the meantime?  The Bible says to support your leaders with prayer, regardless of whether you like them or not.  So if you don’t like the homo-sexual senator, Barack Obama, or whomever, still pray for them.  Still pray that they see God’s way and use His guidance to succeed in life.  God is our only way out.  God is truly amazing, He is the ultimate one and the one we will forever answer to.  I look forward to spending eternity being a server for Christ.  I will be in such awe when that day comes.  I praise God for this opportunity to show you these subtle issues that need changed.  I ask that you pray for me; I will return the favor.  God bless you!  I love you all, forever and ever.  Please feel free to leave feedback, I enjoy reading it.  I’m not scared to answer a question or criticism or two.

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