A simple few words to think about…

Why is it that we Christians wake up every single day and look at the watch? Why do we look at our phones every three minutes precariously interested in time?  Oh, that’s right because our generation is so obsessed with time.



Why are Christians so infatuated with time?


Friends, brothers, and sisters we are in for a road of ETERNITY.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s 3:07 or 3:14.  We have FOREVER to live in Heaven and on Earth.  God has given us the privilege when we BELIEVE that He is the creator, He sent His son to die for our sins.



So WHY in the world are we so fascinated with what time it is?  Why is life so punctual?  We have eternity to spend with Christ.



It leads to things like traffic, delays, etc. Why do you get so angry because the car in front of you is going 47 mph instead of 52?  Why?  Why are you in THAT big of a hurry that it matters?  In reality, you’re life if dwindling and you’re literally one second closer to Christ, so why do we get angry?


Look, I’m just trying to make a point that we are way too impatient with time when in reality, we have forever and our lives are lived ETERNALLY!



ETERNAL means forever.  We will spend forever with Christ.  Just take a second to fathom that and digest it, because you have to digest it to really get a perspective on what eternity REALLY is.  It’s extremely fascinating!



So I leave you with saying, stop worrying about the second on the minute on the hour, because in 30 years, in Heaven or still here on Earth, those few seconds or minutes will mean absolutely NOTHING!  Seriously. It will mean nothing.  I bet there’s a time where you were impatient three days ago and you’ve honestly already forgot why because it had no importance.  That’s my point.



Now to be fair, I am a very humble, calm, and level headed person.  When rough situations arise, I am calm and do have a God given gift on remaining even kiel and stay on track.  However, like you guys, I make these same mistakes and am working towards perfecting my impatience.  I need to realize that no matter what happens in these two minutes, in 30 years, they mean nothing, so why do they mean so much right now?


Also, drive safely please. It’s just something to think about! God bless !

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