Mechanics? And God? Relationship?

There are times when we question whether God is really there or not.


Please don’t. Please be apprehensive in your approach to the Lord and have the ultimate faith it takes to desire the Father, our Master.  We are so in-debt to God for the price He paid with His son, we really have no other choice.  God has blessed us time and time again, yet He often gets the blame?  I don’t care where you’re at in  life today, but remember this one thing…


By giving your life to the Lord=perfection


It’s like handing over your car to a mechanic.  When you do that, you have 100% certainty that the mechanic won’t go out and screw up your car, you expect it to be fixed. Then you just leave it at that don’t you? You put faith in the mechanic even though you can’t actually see them do the work.  Afterwards, the car is back to normal and fixed, it’s essentially cleansed and new again.


So why is it that we have trouble putting our faith in God for Him to fix things, but we don’t care to take our cars and put faith in someone to fix it?  You see, we use this approach and put faith in worldly people all the time, like when we ask for advice and take it from the guy in BestBuy.  Or when we read that article to do research on whether we need to buy this washer or dryer.  It’s often time that we don’t even realize that we’re accessing our faith capability, but friends, it’s simple.  You’re already an expert! Simply put that faith in God and give Him your life as if you’re the car and He’s the mechanic, I can assure you things will only turn out well.


Thanks for taking the time to read, I love you all!

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