Define the word “love” please, I bet you can’t.

God is such a relative term that people use in various ways.  Some people view their God as an idol, some view it as a way of life, some view their God as their spouse, and there are other various people that have their views on whom God is in their circumstance.


I believe this is simply the lack of faith, hope, and love.  Faith, hope, and love are commonly thrown around like words that mean various things.  However, I believe the Bible is very clear on the depth that these words have and the impact they have on faith.  It’s truly a shame on how often we throw these words around.



Let me ask you a simple question…



Define the word love:



What’s your definition?  Do me another favor, ask the person around you.  Ask your parents.  Ask your pastor.  Ask your spouse/(b/f)/(g/f).  I would bet that if you asked 50 people what the word love means, you would get 50 different definitions.  That’s how we throw the word around like it’s meaningless.  So whenever I say I love Jesus.  What does that mean?



So whenever I say, I love Jesus with all of my heart, what does that mean?  Isn’t it fascinating how the impact of a few extra words can have?   Society has made it to where that we’re taught to throw adjectives, prepositions, adverbs, etc. to actually make our statement seem stronger, more meaningful.  That my friends is sad.  It’s extremely sad.


Whenever I say the phrase, I love Jesus…it shouldn’t matter what comes before or after, the depth of that word in relation to Christ should be self-explanatory, but yet people find themselves digging deeper to make their love somehow seem stronger than someone else’s.  That’s the capitalistic society at it’s finest.  It’s the “american” way at work!  It’s that sense of achievement through exaggeration.  It’s like just because your sentence sounds better, it means that you somehow have equated it to a deeper meaning, whenever in reality, it’s all the same.  It’s fascinating, isn’t it?




This is just an example of plenty of ways where I see this on an everyday basis.  We do truly throw these words around like it has no real meaning, that’s why we make our own interpretation of what the word means and roll with it.  Thus, the explanation of why nobody understands what the word actually means.



This doesn’t just inquire with the word “love”, how about faith? How about hope?  These are just a few words that mean different things to different people based on an individual basis.



” I hope I win the gold medal!”

“I really hope I win the gold medal!”


What’s the actual difference in the sentences?  The difference is that there’s a sense of pride that comes from throwing words together that have a stronger meaning in our society, it makes you feel like you’re the one on top and the victor.  However, it doesn’t actually mean that you hope you win the gold more than the other person hopes they win the gold.  It’s very interesting!



As for scripture on what is love?  Scripture is very clear on what the word love really means and how it’s supposed to be used.  I suggest that on your smartphone, iPhone, Android tablet, iPad, iPod, etc. you download the Bible app and search the word love.  You will be extremely fascinated!  Do faith as well! Do hope! Do other words similar!



My point is that I simply think it’s a shame that the world has corrupted a word that has so much power in it! “God is love.” “God loved us, so He sacrificed His son for our sins.”  Do you see us really use the word love for what kind of chips we like?  Society has shaped our minds to where it’s normal to use such a powerful word in any circumstance.  It simply devalues the word.


What do I mean by “devalues”?  Think of it like this…


Let’s say there’s only 10 iPhones in the entire world, as opposed to there is 50 million today.  If only ten people had an iPhone wouldn’t it make those 10 much more valuable and such a bigger deal than what they are now?  All you have to do to get an iPhone now a days is simply have a cell phone plan.  It doesn’t matter with what company, you can get them from simply anywhere, or just log onto eBay and you can buy one to have one, there are millions!



So let’s compare love.  If we only use the love in a certain few scenarios, rather than using love in every sentence, doesn’t it give the word more value because it’s less used?  It has a sense of appeal, stature, and seriousness when it’s used if it’s only used rarely.  As opposed to if you’re walking around school, surfing the net, at work, etc, you’re going to hear the word love 329489248x’s in a day because it doesn’t have that same value it once had.  It doesn’t carry the same significance.  It’s a shame also, because I think that’s why it’s so tough to grasp how much God really loves us, because we really don’t know what the word means.



Those are just a few thoughts, I pray for each and every one of you! God bless!

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