Good morning Christian Brothers and Sisters!

I woke up extremely early this morning because I have an extremely busy day ahead of me.  With that being said, I also woke up early for one reason.  To be obedient to the Lord.  To the father of Abraham, David, Elijah, John, Jesus, and everyone who has lived on this planet.  I am so blessed to have the ability to serve God by writing to you.  I am so blessed that He has placed this in my life.  It’s apparent that some people really enjoy reading my blog.  I have way more views than I really ever envisioned.  What a blessing to whomever is reading it, as I hope they see God working through me.  Also, what a blessing to me as well.  It’s such encouragement when people read this blog.  I do work hard and remain discipline through God to write as often as possible.


God is so good to me. He loves me so much.  I basically wanted to simply say good morning and I hope that you give your thanks to God as you wake up and tell Him how amazing He really is!  I love you all



You are so gracious Lord, thank You for allowing me to live today.  It is truly because you breathe through me that I can live, and for that, I thank You God.  

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