The sociological impact Satan has on our perception of God.

Let’s say you’re a male, a male obsessed with sport..  I’m not, by any means, saying sport is bad or against God’s ways.  However, last time you watched ESPN or SportsCenter…think of the press conferences you’ve heard.


Keep that imagine in your mind.


Another instance.


Let’s say you’re a female, a female who watches all of the award shows.  Again, I’m not, by any means, saying entertainment awards are bad or against God’s ways.  However, last time you watched them, think of the speeches you heard while watching it.


Keep that in your mind.


Why do I throw those two instances out there for grabs?  It’s simple to say that between Sport, Reality TV, Award shows, Entertainment, etc, are what drives society in America today.  I firmly believe that I am correct in this stance.



Now let me through you this direction…let’s think of their press conferences or their speeches of this extremely wealthy people that America literally becomes captivated with due to their wealth, talent, ability, and opportunity.


When you hear someone thank God for what has transpired, perhaps for the opportunity to win the award, the opportunity to win the big game, etc.  There’s one problem as a society how we view this.


Here’s why….God gave that person that opportunity, those resources, that talent, that wealth, etc.  However, when people thank God on that big stage, we applaud and commend them and then they continue to talk about their experience.  They always thank God first, right?  They think Him first because society teaches if you thank God first and show that He’s your priority, you don’t have to give Him credit again.  Here’s where I feel Satan is putting himself into society and into our (and their) minds.


There’s a problem with this.  The problem is NOT that they give God the first glory, because rightfully so is what they should do.  However, what’s incorrect and happens all too often, is that these same people will later…in the same interview (speech) commend THEMSELVES for the very same thing they thanked God for.  It happens all too often, because Satan has impacted society and molded our views to where that’s okay.


Well, it’s not, once you give God the glory, that doesn’t give you the right to take it after.  It’s not like writing a paper and once you cite that source, you can throw into your own works and call it your own.  School works like that, not your relationship with Christ.  What God says goes.  We should NEVER take credit for any Worldly action simply because without the production of resource, opportunity, capability, talent, skill, etc, this event wouldn’t have even take place for you to commend yourself.  God shouldn’t just be first, but He should consistently be YOURS.  Your paper with God doesn’t come with a reference page, it comes with a COMMAND page, and we are to follow those commands and shape our life around what God says is necessary for us to do.



So to tie this all together, I love golf.  I love to play golf.  I love that God gave me the ability to be able to play such a sport.  However, let me show you how this happens in everyday life.  Let’s say I hit a hole in one today.  I go pick up the ball, once I realize it’s been a hole in one, and I commend the Lord for giving me the skill and opportunity to be able to perform this sport with excellence.  That’s an awesome start!  However, does that make it okay, since I thanked God earlier, to own it up when I’m talking to my friends about my round?  Is it okay for me to say, “Man, I wish you could’ve seen that hole in one I hit, it was spectacular.  I can’t believe I actually hit a hole in one!!!!”  That’s the wrong path, my friends.  As opposed to that, I should say, “Man, God really blessed me and I have no idea how the ball went in and it did.  God really wanted that ball to go in, I’m thankful He let me have this opportunity.”  Now, that’s PERFECTLY FINE.



I hope that after my multiple examples that you can really digest what I’m trying to say.  Satan plays a strong position in the world today.  It’s our job to fight what Satan is trying to accomplish in the world and this is a quick, easy way to get that job started.  We need to be consistent, not inconsistent, with our praise to our All-Knowing Lord and Savior.




Again, I hope you enjoy my blog and hope that you come back to view my future posts. I do post frequently and like to share tons of insights that I am learning as I continue to grow in my walk with God.  God is so good and I thank Him for all that He does.  I praise His name for allowing me the opportunity to LIVE, to have shelter, food, water, a family, an education, resources, etc.  God never gives up on me, so I’m returning the favor and not giving up on God.  This is because I know God still works in hearts today, like mine, and know what God is capable of.  I pray that you spread this word of what God has to offer.  I love you all!  If you would like to follow my blog, feel free to do so.  If you would like to share it via Twitter or Facebook, I welcome that, as I simply want to share God’s Word with people.  I want to give people a resource so that understand how God can work in your life and how you can shape your life around what God wants out of you and not what society wants out of you!

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