Do you really trust God? Or do you just…say you trust Him?

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was turn off my alarm. The second thing I did was look at the clock (because in our society we are obsessed with time).  My third thought, thank YOU God for allowing me to wake up.  What’s wrong with that picture?


Nothing is wrong with that picture.  Instincts were my first two reactions and my actions defined my first reaction which was to thank God.  That’s what matters, what matters is that we live for God, that we keep God in the forefront of our mind!  It’s so important that you put your most important figure first.  God is the number one figure in my life, because I believe that God created this world.  I thought it so deeply that I’ve committed myself to Him.  So this leads to…do you thank Him when it’s necessary?



The question is, do I?  I have this social responsibility as someone who is trying to witness to people, so that I must answer.  I promise you, with the person God has transformed me to be, I have began to always thank Him and every single second thank Him for all that He does. God rules this universe.  He is the creator.  I love Him for that and I love Him for letting me live in His name.


A simple verse on the actuality of the fact of trusting God. It’s something that I want you to think in depth about, it’s something that could relate to all aspects of your life.


I don’t care if you’re a college student, like myself, trying to achieve a 4.0, if you’re a businessman who is worried about making ends meet, I don’t care if you’re a child who is worried about the next food that you eat, I care that you put that faith in God to provide the essentials that  you need.



-Proverbs 21:31- “Do your best, prepare for the worst-

then trust God to bring victory.


Is this something that you do?  Do you strive to achieve greatness through God?  Or do you try to achieve greatness through yourself?  You see, if you really strive to achieve greatness through God then that word…worry…doesn’t exist.  That notion of self-doubt, is owned by Satan.  Simply do as God’s words say and trust in Him.
I’m asking you to against the grain of the world, I realize that. I’m also asking you do as the Bible says and putting you faith…in Him.  I ask today that regardless of your circumstance, Lord knows how many there are, I want you to stop what you’re doing.  I want you to stop submitting to the ways of the world with worry and heartache, and I want you to prepare for the worst thing that could happen, and trust God that He will bring you the victory in your area.



I ask you to dig the ditches Elisha told them to dig, so they would have an abundance of rain.  I want you to put yourself in front of the miracle and be prepared for the miracle and set yourself up for God’s healing.  But first, you must have faith.  You must trust God to bring it home and give you victory.



I want you to really chew on this.  This verse can apply to all ways of life and is consistent with every miracle.  I don’t care if it’s when Jesus turned all the bread and fish for the people to eat, He made them set down as if the food was already prepared. It’s that sense of true faith and believing that God will provide, and it’s something you must do in your daily live to truly reap God’s rewards He has set for you.



Have an amazing day and I love you all so much.  My heart is growing stronger and stronger each and every day.  I thank the Lord for that. God is so precious and I thank Him for all that He does.



I love you all,


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