Growing up in Church broken hearted.



I say today that I’ve seen some pretty horrible things in churches in my life.  I didn’t know they were terrible at the time, but I do realize today that they were terrible and uncalled for.  I thank the Lord for giving me the vision that I need to see these things and helping me make decisions in life.  God is my best friend and I like to call upon Him every opportunity I get!  He truly is phenomenal.  So back to my point.


Here are some things that happen in church that shouldn’t…


  1. Claiming a denomination is better than another
  2. Claiming that one church is superior to another
  3. Grudges
  4. Discomfort
  5. Distorted visions of what God does


These are a few examples that really hit home back in the day.  I attended a church for a few years of time a little ways away from my home.  It wasn’t super close, but within a half hour.  This church was extremely welcoming and extremely kind to my family particularly.  It was so kind that we were a few services away from actually joining that same church.  Looking back today though, I’m glad that my parents didn’t make that decision.  I am extremely glad for that matter.  This church had a fantastic preacher in the stance of communication.  However, one thing that I didn’t really understand then but do now is the bashing of other denominations.  This church really praised up how amazing their denomination was and truly bashed anyone involved in other ones.  They also built the credibility up of their church and really claimed that it was so much better than all of the others in the surrounding areas.  That’s something that’s really been eating at me lately at how BAD and sad this experience was..but at the time I didn’t think nothing of it.  However, as a Christian, I have plenty of brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of their denomination.  As long as we all believe that God is greater and that God created this world and sent His son to die for our greater purpose, then that’s all I care about.  I simply care about that I grow in my relationship with Christ, as should you.  It doesn’t matter where you attend church.



A few pieces to add onto this.


  • I’m not saying church is bad. First off, because without church; You can’t build a functional fundamental relationship with Christ.
  • You have to learn on your own and grow through God individually as well as going to church.


My point is simply that I grew up in a few bad church situations and that’s sad to say.  The point now is that I have grown by God’s grace and mercy.  I truly believe that God has a way for everyone, but I want to make it known to not fall into these circumstances.  Keep in mind we as the body, are all one.  We are all serving the common mission of spreading God’s word and getting people to give their lives to God so they can rejoice with us in Heaven.  That’s the common goal and don’t forget that goal as you go about your daily lives.  Especially don’t forget that goal when you go to bash another denomination or church of your same denomination.  I ask that you simply evaluate your circumstances and realize that God wants us all to simply spread the word and let it be known of God’s grace!  It’s not important that so and so’s church is better or you prefer being Baptist of Church of God.  None of that really matters and I believe that in a society like ours, we typically get competitive and have this sense of “pride” that you involve when you speak of anything you do.  Thus, it results in people believing they’re better than others and competition within the church breaks out and that’s not what Jesus wants.



And after those three points, please let’s leave it at that.  Let’s leave it that we need to serve Jesus and that’s what we need to do.  We need to give our love to the Lord.  We need to simply spread God’s word and give our lives to Him. We need to submit our lives and let Him be in control.  That’s what we need to do.  We don’t need to bicker about who’s church is better or what denomination is better than other…ultimately, if we spent that same time we do bickering, we could get a ton accomplished for God that we’re simply leaving behind.

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