A few things to help you get through your day!

God is so good, that often times we simply over look His greatness.  There are times where in society, we simply overlook things God provides us with and just go about our ways!

However, in reality, we are DEFINITELY impacted by God’s creations each and everyday.  Although, we don’t really see it and don’t see people thanking God for it everyday.  I firmly believe that because we don’t have this significant foundation set up, is the reason why people have strayed away from God. People don’t see God in the small works, so why should they see Him in the everyday miracles and blessings He gives us?  That’s the huge issue with the world today.


Society has demanded external relationships away from God.  Until we realize that God created the simple things such as air, water, fire, sky, rain, thunder, shelter, food, plants, etc. we will never really appreciate any of His creations.  It’s odd that in the Bible, it’s always preached of the amazing miracles of God, but rarely is the actual fact that God created things preached, which is sad.  I believe that until we, Christians, begin to appreciate God for the little things, that we can’t appreciate Him for the big things. It’s sort of like if you don’t have a foundation on a building, it will fall in no time.  That’s why on a daily basis we have a tendency to stray away from God and are tempted to sin so many times during one single day.  However, if we thought of God every time we did something, I believe that things could change dramatically.  It’s just a simple thought and opinion!  



I hope that you give God the praise He deserves for not just the miracles and blessings, but the little things that we need in order to survive on this Earth while we still live here!  I hope you have an amazing day! Give it all to God and He will guide you throughout your day!

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