Insecurities we deal with in life.

As I prepare for bed tonight, I realize that life throws everything at you that you can imagine.  There are some of us that experience things that I probably can’t fathom, due to the fact that I’ve never encountered them.  I typically struggle with confidence, I typically am a bit too modest.  There are times where I feel like I can’t do something.  It’s fascinating to me how Satan just shows up in our lives in so many different ways.  Here I am…this extremely blessed human being and I fall into this abyss, this simple trap, and just quit.  I am 21 years of age, I am within smelling distance of graduating with a bachelors in Sport Management and a minor in Coaching.  I am an Honors student.  I have a near perfect GPA and I am feeling like I can’t do anything.  I get these feelings to where I have this self-doubt.  However, I’ve learned how to deal with these faults and difficulties thanks to God.  Now I don’t struggle near as often, I don’t fall into these traps that are upon me in the way of the world.  Now, I simply feel like I’m doing what God is asking of me and I know that I am fully capable of the actions, because I have done MUCH more throughout my journey to get to this point, rather than actually accomplish what is at stake right now.  Therefore, there isn’t any reason whatsoever that I should feel so dejected by this sense of self-doubt.  I have overcome incredible obstacles in life.  Wait, I haven’t overcame anything, God has overcame these obstacles for me and allowed me to live.  You see, God gives us the guidance and the instruction necessary to achieve amazing, insurmountable things in life.  However, IT IS NOT what we achieve in life that matters, it’s what we do FOR GOD.  God could care less whether I made a 4.0 gpa or a 2.0 gpa, if GOD knows that I am giving it my all, that’s what matters.  I must do everything as if I’m submitting my life to God and everything to Him that I do.  It’s like turning in everything that I do in life to Him, I give it all to Him! It’s truly a powerful fascinating thing that God, the creator, could do such an incredible thing.  It’s amazing that God sacrificed the one and only son He had to cleanse us in the flesh.  You see the connection here?  In the beginning, I doubted myself, but in the end God gives me such perception that I know that Jesus died on that cross for me.  Not to mention the fact that He died for ME, but I know that I can do all things through Him.  I give it all to God because God gave it all for me!  So now that I’m more in tune with my relationship with Christ, it gives me a sense of perspective that I didn’t know was possible until I furthered my relationship with God.  I truly thank Him for all that He does and all that He will do in my life.  I am experiencing a transformation that is truly amazing.  I am becoming confident in God.  I am becoming more confident in GOD through me, more importantly, and am starting to understand what God has to offer for me in this life.  I am starting to see that I can impact people in ways that I never thought were possible.  It’s truly fascinating that God does these things for us.  It’s truly amazing that God is always there for us and never leaves our side.  I am truly blessed by His grace and mercy.  I pray that God continues to help me in all aspects of life and gives me the ability to serve Him in a better way each day.  I truly love you, God.  Thank YOU for all that you do.  I pray that you help me with the insecurities that I deal with.  I pray that you help me to remain humble and share your Word with the world.  I pray that you give me all the tools and equipment I need to glorify your name in all that I do.  Thank YOU GOD for everything.  You are truly the one and the only.  My passion is so strong for You and Your graciousness, I’m going to live by your side forever.  Lastly, God, I can’t wait to spend my eternal life in Heaven with you.

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