Take 5 minutes to read! Little subtle things we don’t even realize we’re doing in life.

It’s such a blessing to write to you again.  I want to thank the person from Nambia who viewed my blog today.  It’s truly a blessing to see that nations from all over the world are viewing this.  It almost leaves me at a speechless state of mind, which is quite ironic considering all I do is write!  


I thank God for all that He does.  It goes unnoticed a lot in our society today, especially the little things, we simply forget to thank Him for the little things that go on in this world.  Do you thank Him for providing liquid to drink everyday? Do you thank Him for shelter? How about do you provide Him thanks for opportunity?  Most of us, the answer is no, unless you live in some major poverty land.  That is essentially the efficacious reasoning for the idolatry that we are dealing with a daily basis.  It’s blatantly ridiculed in God’s eyes, but what do we do, we ignore God’s commands and continue the societal ways (the social norm).  Perhaps, you are sitting there thinking that I am blowing things out of proportion, thinking I am using big words that are too strong, maybe even thinking I sound idiotic, well I don’t really care what are you have to say about the issue.  That’s the blatant truth and I won’t apologize for it.  I speak what I believe is necessary and I don’t mind pointing out my own faults, as well as, the faults I see in society on a daily basis.  I obverse, I write, and I act out.  



A little more on what I said about the whole idolatry issue that you may have found to be a little…strong.  It’s the truth and I’m not scared to admit the faults of us in our humane ways.  When you take a drink of your soda, whatever the soda may be, what do you say after you take a drink?  For the sake of the point, let’s use Sundrop (relates well with us southern people).  Do you say, “Wow, God created some kind of soft drink here and boy I thank Him for that Sundrop.”  Of course, you do not say that, because it would go against the ways of society.  Instead, you say, “Sundrop never fails, Sundrop is pretty amazing, and I can’t wait to get more Sundrop!”  It’s purely fascinating in how we neglect God in little things as such soft drink choices.  Hey, I’m just as guilty as you are so don’t try to think I’m throwing some guilt trick at you and trying to ruin your day by bringing you down!  In fact, I’m doing the opposite, I feel and deem it necessary to point out our faults and see if I can find a way that we can change our actions.  I believe it’s extremely realistic that we can start giving Him the glory in all circumstances.  Okay, to the point, how do we do such actions?

  1. Keep God in the front of your thoughts, not leaving Him on the back burner
  2. Realizing everything was given to us by resources He created
  3. Praying before every meal, activity, interaction, etc. (A notion to keep Him in the front of our minds)
  4. Practice giving Him all the glory in whatever you do.

Here is a little more instruction instead of criticism.  Pray to God whenever you get the opportunity, again, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your mind, be specific!  God wants to know exactly what is important in your life and until you tell Him directly, He can’t do anything about it.  We must demonstrate that sense of pure faith before God can really help us out.  Think of it like this, if your friend has a tendency to just half way pay attention to you and what you typically have to say, then they ask you to do them a favor that would require you do risk everything you’ve got to risk…do you do it?  Probably not, you will try to avoid it, maybe even make up some excuse that would prevent from you doing the act, etc.  Imagine how God feels when you neglect Him on things as small as when you’re worshipping that Sundrop you just drank, but yet, you expect Him to perform a million miracles to give you the perfect life…let’s be reasonable here, does that make any kind of sense in the stance of morality?  


Of course it doesn’t.  Therefore, we must have complete faith in God and show Him directly that we have that true faith in Him in order for Him to help us out.  Now then don’t even assume that God will do the works, remember God has pure vision and has plain view on everything, as opposed to we have this extremely distorted, narcissistic, and personal bias to the perspective on what needs to be done.  This faith, it is a beautiful thing.  It’s pure.  So keeping God at the forefront of our minds is crucial to having that purely faith relationship with Him, otherwise, what kind of friendship is deep if you only speak once a month?  Do you really even get the opportunity to get to know each other?  Would you speak to that person in public?  You see where I’m getting at here?  In order to put your entire faith in one, you must submit your life and give it all to them.  This is what happens in marriages, but in a deeper context, this is how you become one with God himself.  You have to throw yourself at Him and say, “Lord, here I am, take over my life.  GIve me that ultimate guidance that I truly need to go about my life.  I need you in every situation, I have to have you and I am dependent on Your precious mercy and grace.  God, I believe wholeheartedly in You and no other god.  I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and the sins of everyone else alive, for that; I can honestly say that I believe Jesus died and rose again.”  Give God that sense that you truly want His presence at all times, it makes the world of difference.  


I played that role, you know, that role where you go to church once a month, twice a month, maybe even three times, and you feel like that’s all you need to get by.  To this day, I will forever regret that due to the impact that I’m finally learning God can have on one person.  I am just one person and He has changed me in so many ways and not just subtle ways, but extreme ways.  Ways that I find to be incredible and before I thought were impossible.  That sense of comfort that I know get on a daily basis is truly remarkable.  There isn’t anything in this world that is more comforting than knowing that God is by my side at all times, regardless of the circumstances!  I can only hope that you guys get that sense of love from such a loving God.  Listen, you give your life to God, He will love you not just today, tomorrow, next week, next month, but forever and you will be rewarded for defying the odds.  It’s not normal to love God in such a deep complexion, that why I call it defying the odds, it’s almost become extinct.  Let me take you a little deeper!


I have a group of students in my Marketing class right now whom are in my group for a few marketing projects.  Do you know what time they requested to meet?  Out of all the days of the week and all of the times?  They want to meet on Sunday at noon. So if you don’t understand the complexity of college, typically if you set a meeting time…everyone will actually get there 5-15 minutes earlier than the designated time.  So that means that out of all the times they could’ve picked, they picked that.  It really brought me to shame.  Now luckily, my church here at school starts at 10:00 a.m and not 11:00 a.m, because then it would have been a big deal and I would’ve had to make a fuss.  WIth all of that being said, I can use that opportunity as a time to witness.  The project will probably take a half dozen meetings by the end of the semester.  Next time of course, I will attempt to have a say when we meet and will try to meet at a different time.  However, if that continues to be the time that works for them, then I will have to take the initiative to use it as an opportunity. Invite some to church maybe? What excuse do they have? They’re obviously planning on being around campus right when church will be over, so can’t they spare an hour or so of their life?  I’m trying to keep God at the forefront of my mind here, you see what I’m doing?  I believe this is how we should attempt to go about things in life.  Do I always do this? No. I do not.  I am completely accountable for my actions in this respect and I repent.  I’m getting better with time though.  God is giving me ideas on the spot now, instead of me having to think about how I should act when and what I should say. It’s almost like God whispers in my ear now, I’m not sure if that’s because of my true faith or if that’s because I’m simply being as obedient as I can be.  Nonetheless, I praise His holy name and thank Him for the opportunity!



Well I just thought I would stop by and write a little bit since I had some free time on my hands! Glory to God for being so gracious!  He is truly the one and the only.  Forever and ever, I’ll live for His name.  Until He takes the breath out of my mouth, I have no choice, I have submitted myself to Him.  That’s the best decision of my life.  I hope that you do the same at some point.  Anyways, as you go about your future days, keep these things in mind.  God will always stay by your side if you just believe that it is Him and only Him.  Believe the Gospel and give Him the glory that He truly deserves! This will result in endless rewards in Heaven!  I hope you all have an amazing day! God bless you all! I owe it all to you, Lord.  I truly do.  Thank You for all that you’ve done for me today and every day.  I am so undeserving.  God bless you all !

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