The Bible says it’s okay to be angry, did you know this?

Here’s something that I learned from listening to a sermon by Bishop T.D Jakes while he did a sermon at Elevation Church based on his book, “Let it go.”



Did you know that the Bible says, “Go ahead and be angry.  You do well to be angry–but don’t use your anger as fuel for revenge.  And don’t stay angry.  Don’t go to bed angry.  Don’t give the Devil that kind of foothold in your life.”


Did you know that was actually in the Bible? Well, it’s Ephesians 4:26-27, in case, you don’t believe it’s actually there. This is something that’s extremely interesting because in life, we are taught that we must forget and forgive instantly.  This is also true, but it’s OKAY to get angry.  Even Jesus was angry at points in His life.


However, read into the context of what the scripture actually says about the contextual consequences of obeying Christ in this sense.  You can’t just take the first sentence and say, “Awesome, God gave me permission to be angry!” Then you can and be angry, you can’t do that.  Follow the REST of what the verses say, not just the first part.  Although it’s okay to be ANGRY, you can’t use that anger by adding fuel to the fire and make your plans revengeful.  You see, so don’t think that when someone screws you over, that you can just get angry and use that anger in revenge.  Ah, interesting eh?  So Jesus says it’s okay to be anger, but keeping it under circumstances.  This is what’s fascinating, we don’t even realize that God gives us direct guidance and instructions for how to deal with our emotions, but we don’t take the time to actually learn about these things!  Oh, but it DOES NOT end there either.  This is what’s cool, we’re given direct instructions with how to deal with anger.  Now we know two things…we are allowed to be angry and we can’t use it on revenge.  What else does it say?  Now the Word says that we’re not to STAY angry and not to go to BED angry.  Let’s quickly recap, because sometimes (although it’s a simple concept, people over think it).  We can get angry.  We can’t use that same anger for revenge.  We can’t stay angry.  We can’t go to bed angry.  I’m putting it as simple as it says in the Bible, but I believe that some people, can’t just listen to the words of the Bible, it’s almost like they have to hear from another source, thus why I’m writing it so simply.  So it even gets DEEPER.  Here’s what sums the entirety of the verses.  You can be angry, that’s okay, you can’t use your anger for revenge, why?  The Bible says it’s because we don’t want to give the Devil that slot in your life to work with.  Why can’t we stay angry?  The exact same reason, it gives the Devil that stature in your life and gives the Devil power.  Thus, the same answer for for the latter as well about going to bed angry.  You can’t let your eyes close in bed and still be angry, because you’ll wake up angry.  Then anger becomes a way of life, a habit, and then the Devil takes over your life.  This is how jealousy works very often in peoples lives as well.  They’ll get really jealous and won’t let it go, so they’ll use it for revenge and act out of their normalcy, they’ll stay jealous, go to bed jealous, wake up jealous, and then they’ll start becoming jealous about everything.  You see, it doesn’t just apply to anger, but for all negative emotions such like anger.  It’s fascinating because before long, you forget how that anger even came to be about.  As same as you’ll forget how the jealously came to be about.  You see, this is fascinating material and I’m so glad that Paul wrote and gave us the exact way to deal with such emotions.  So intense.  So deep.  I love it.


This is what’s fascinating about the way of the Bible.  I don’t know about you, but it fires me up when I learn something that I didn’t know before.  It’s like every time I open that Bible, I WANT to find something new and learn something that I didn’t already know.  Until I find that out, I won’t shut the Bible.  I strive for BIGGER and BETTER things.


I hope that one of you needed to see this and that it came in handy.  I thank God for everything, I give Him all the glory and give Him the credit for all that He does in my life.  He is truly remarkable.  Thank YOU Lord for this opportunity and thank YOU for giving me the gift of intelligence.  I pray that you help us all in our daily lives to live better for Your name and to give us that ultimate gift of letting us live eternally.  What a special gift you’ve given us courtesy of your son Jesus.  I thank You for sacrificing Your own son for my expenses and my sins.  My debt is paid due to you Lord, thank You.

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