Are you living day to day? Are you “striving” for better things? Or just…satisfied where you are?

Do we all just live our day to day life with one thing in mind?…That tomorrow will come



Do we just go about life day after day after day thinking that God will just magically show up and take over? 



If that’s the case, please stop living like that now.  The God I know, is there in all times, opportunities, demises, etc, I don’t care what your situation is…stop waiting on the Lord.  Start going to God.  Start reading your Bible.  Start giving your word to God and giving it to the Lord, you’ll be amazed to see what you find out further in detail.  


Here are some issues in life that we deal with on a daily basis…

  • Content with your well being
  • Things are fine
  • You are not progressing forward
  • You are not going backwards either


These are some crucial issues that we as people deal with in life.  We may “strive” for perfection, but at the same time, we are completely content with where we are in life.  If we achieve a goal, we stop reaching for another.  If we get the job, we don’t work as hard to get the next one.  If we make those A’s, we don’t deem it necessary to get them again.  These are real world issues that we face each and every day.  It’s the big issue of being content.  You see, with God, you can’t do this.


With God, you can’t do this at all.  You can’t get to a point in your relationship with Christ and let it stay stagnant.  Perhaps, you have done this, I have and I am at fault for that.  I am completely accountable for my actions in how that I’ve done this in MY LIFE.  This is why I’m striving so strong to get stronger and get closer to my Lord and Savior.  Listen though, I struggle everyday doing this.  I struggle opening the Bible two and three times a day to study.  Let me explain why this is SO difficult in MY life.


  1. It’s unlike any life experience
  2. The rewards aren’t immediate
  3. It’s not just an obligation, it’s a way of life


Let’s talk about number one here and two..let’s mold and conjure them together and see what I can come up with.  Why is it so hard to strive to get closer to God and grow in your relationship?  Well, here’s exactly why it is so difficult.  God doesn’t give us experiences in our relationship with Him like our worldly relationships.  You see, in the world, if we do good things, we are rewarded with kindness back or we are gratified for our kindness.  We simply get something in return for our actions.  Or if we stay loyal to our friends, they become loyal with us and we become close in life.  This is a worldly experience.  


Now let’s look at a Godly experience.  It’s so much different that it’s almost unfathomable.  Literally, I mean it’s almost unfathomable, maybe even you believe it is!  What happens in our relationship with God, we are promised that in the end, that we will live in Heaven, that when it’s all said and done, that we are promised all of these AMAZING things.  We are promised not just life, but life FOREVER.  We are promised that if we believe in Christ and that God created this world.  We must also believe that Christ died for our sins and that he was raised up from the dead three days later.  We must also believe that Jesus ascended to Heaven.  If we believe these things, we are promised that if we repent, we will be cleansed of our sins.  Every last one of them.  We will become white as snow, as if NOTHING ever happened.  We are promised this from Christ himself.   It’s became my way of life. I am so thankful for this experience.  


So it has a few elements that we can’t experience in life today


  1. Supernaturalness
  2. Faithfulness


God is supernatural.  God can give us these promises because God knows all, the beginning and the end.  God knows all. He is the Alpha and the Omega.  So we must have FAITH, we must have faith that these things happened accordingly and we are rewarded.  However, we must have faith that these things happened and that in the end we will be rewarded.  It’s not like today, a time of technological savvy, it’s not instant like in a time of texting or Facebook.  We just have to have that sense of faith that our acts will pay off eventually.  We must trust that the Bible is exactly what God says it is.  We just simply have to have plain and simple faith.  We must believe that like it says in 2 Timothy, that the BIble is literally breathed from and inspired completely by God.  We must believe the numerous times that it says we will be rewarded for our actions in the end.  Like it says in Ephesians.  It’s something that doesn’t coincide with the ways of the world.  You see, sociological scholars would call these things impossible because we don’t have physical evidence.  We don’t have reasonings that can be explained scientifically, we simply just have the Gospel to explain everything.  It’s so MUCH different than how it is in our worldly relationships, but we must have that faith and give God all the glory.



This is what makes it so hard to open that Bible everyday.  It is so hard because the only rewards we receive are intrinsic, as opposed to, society preaches that we must do things that can be shown with extrinsic rewards and that’s what makes us accomplished.  However, the Bible begs to differ, it says multiple times how we will be rewarded in Heaven with life.  The Bible even talks about that what we do in Church isn’t what’s essential in life, it’s what we do inside when people aren’t watching.  Religion is a way to publicly show that we represent God and that we love Him.  However, our life is supposed to and meant to be much more complex and deeper than such.  The complexity of our lives are so fascinating that I believe we over estimate it at times.  It’s simple though, we must remain discipline through God, and that we simply do as He commands, we are in the clear.  You simply can’t just show up to Church every Sunday and gain a legitimate relationship with Christ.  It’s something you have to be in-tune with on a daily basis, a multiple time a day basis.  I’m learning now how encouraging it really is to stay in the Word as much as possible.  There are times where I stay so much in the Word, it’s hard to focus on the things I must do in reality.  You must learn to prioritize, because God commands that we do all things as if we were doing it for Him.  Thus, we are instructed to give our all in all that we do.  That includes the worldly things and the SPIRITUAL things, such as staying in God’s word and praying and talking to the Lord.  



I would like to just thank God for the opportunity that He has presented myself with today.  He is truly a blessing in my life and I’m so glad that I call Him my Father in Heaven.  Forever, I’ll be consumed with His love and mercy and grace.  I’m glad that He gave me the opportunity to write.  Have an amazing night, I love you all. Goodnight.

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