I know God is real…imagine being Mary

Hey again,


There is one thing that i am certain of in this world and truly only one thing.  I am certain that God created this world and I am certain that Jesus Christ, his son, lived on this Earth by the birth of a virgin.  I am also certain that Jesus Christ died for us, so that we could repent of our sins and they could cleansed away.  It’s truly hard to fathom that God loves US that much.  It’s extremely hard to fathom the fact that He sacrificed His one and only son to die for us, the common people.  We are so undeserving of this feature of life, but God deemed it to be and that’s what matters.  Because of the Bible, I know every bit of this to be true.  What a loving God we serve.  



So I really was thinking about Mary tonight…Mary, the mother of Jesus.


Let’s start with a few bullets I was thinking about…

  1. You see an angel
  2. You’re a virgin
  3. You become pregnant
  4. It’s God’s child

Imagine being Joseph for a second…


What do you think their conversations were like?  Do you think that He doubted that it was really God’s child at all?  You know Satan tried to creep into his mind on the matter.  It had be an extremely difficult time for him..


Now back to Mary,

What do you think people said about her?  She’s about 16 years old (According to Historians), and suddenly pregnant with God’s son.  What do you think the people thought of her?  Do you think they believed her?  What would you do if your best friend said, “I’m about to have a baby as a virgin, and not only is it a baby, but it’s the creator of the Universe’s child.”  People had to laugh at her, probably call her vulgar names, it was probably ridiculous.  I’m sure people spat on her for saying such ridiculous things.  I’m sure it was absolute insanity.  I guarantee she wondered things like…”why me?” or “what did I do to deserve this scrutiny?” It’s honestly unimaginable how difficult of a time it had to be for her.  But with God’s all consuming grace and mercy, she had the child without problem.  This wasn’t any child, it was the SON of God.  




…it would be so hard to fathom while all this was taking place, but I bet it was absolutely incredible to live while Jesus was walking the glorious planet.  I would have loved to have lunch with him, go for a walk, or just listen to Him preach.  It would’ve been pretty awesome to catch a glimpse of Jesus in the flesh of man.




I’m simply just letting you guys know where my mind is going tonight.  God bless you all and thanks for taking the time to read my writing!  God it working hard in my life and is working 24/7!  I absolutely love it!




I am truly blessed by God’s grace each and every second.  I look forward to waking up and living for His glory! (Lord willing)



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