God healed me. I’m back!

Good morning to all readers and people of all ages,


I thank you for being patient with me while I was extremely ill.  As for a some of my symptoms, I was dizzy, fatigue, congestion, nasal passages were congested also, throat was horribly sore, fever, and others.  I went to the doctor Thursday to get examined and the doctor honestly told me this, “I’ve never seen this symptoms before, it’s like your old asthma, allergies, and a virus hit you in one blast.”  It wasn’t very reassuring that the doctor couldn’t diagnose exactly what was wrong with me, but hey, God is my doctor and I woke up this morning feeling perfectly normal again.  Praise His HOLY name.  I want to thank you all for prayer, it makes all the difference.


I want to personally thank Darryl Handy, pastor of my church here at school, for his kind words while I was sick.  You can really tell he’s a man of the Lord.  He offered to get me meds, offered to talk if I needed someone, lent out his phone number in case of something occurring.  He’s an awesome guy with an amazing wife and I’m sure a great family in his two boys to go along with it. The church has really made Caroline and I feel extremely welcome and comfortable there ever since we started Western last year.  I read survey results once that said college students will attend more than four colleges around their campus before becoming acclimated to one.  Glad that wasn’t our case.


I’m so blessed to still be alive.  At times, I am at fault for taking that for granted, I know that one day God will no longer breathe through me and I will join Him in Heaven.  It’s pretty cool, awesome, incredible, etc. You get the point, I am more than excited to say that I will join Him in Heaven one day.


My life has changed dramatically within the past 3 or 4 weeks.  Perhaps, you can’t exactly tell on the outside, but on the inside I can tell.  It’s extremely evident.  Example…I’m taking out my trash two nights ago, it was three little bags and some cardboard.  I was outside my dorm room, locking the door, and suddenly i see this small strand of paper on the floor.  It was probably from a straw.  Maybe it was two from straws.  A month ago, I let the paper sit there and just say, “the janitor lady will clean it up.”  I bet a lot of you say the same thing, but I picked the paper up this time.  Yeah, it doesn’t seem significant at all does it?  You’re like…it’s just a stand of paper.  But it’s so much deeper than that.  You see, because God’s taken my life over, if I’m not being lazy and picking up small strands of paper…my question to you is, are you cleaning up all the trash in your life?  Every single bit of it?  Or are you leaving some for someone else to come by and clean for you later?  Ponder on that today and act on it.  Show God what HE means to you.  There was nobody else in that hallway when I picked up that paper, not a soul.  I want you to do something like that and illustrate what GOD means to you, not just when people are watching, but when it’s just you and the Lord.  Then imagine what God can do in the big picture of mine or your life if you clean up all the trash.  See, this is the best illustration, because as Christians we have a tendency to just put the small stuff on the back burner and try to take care of the big things in life.  We tend to let God just take care of the small things instead.  Let’s take care of it ALL today.



We feel like they’re not important at all, so we just let our minds skip them.  The Bible tells me to live my life as if I were submitting every action to the Lord, because I am.  In my life, there’s no more laziness, there’s no more arrogance, nor discomfort when speaking about the Lord.  Ultimately, I’m a changing man, a changing man for the better.



Tonight, I seriously can’t wait to get back to doing my hardcore devotional on passages.  It’s going to be awesome, I love writing about God’s Word.

Again, I thank YOU all for taking the time to read this, please read more.  I’ve seen how many of you view this blog daily and it’s a BLESSING.  I love you all and God bless!

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