America’s society and values compared to God’s. Interesting.

Good evening,

I hope all of you have had an amazing day!  I also hope that you’ve had some experience today where you’ve grown in your love with God.  I am so excited to say that I have.  So I wrote this morning about trying to do things when only you and the Lord know what’s going on.  Today, I tried to do the same thing as I requested.  So as I was eating breakfast this morning, I took mine and my girlfriends trash away (as always), but I looked down and to the right and there was a receipt lying there.  I know it wasn’t by coincidence, God was saying practice what you preach son!  So I subtlety picked up the receipt.  Did anyone see it in the restaurant?  I’m not really sure and frankly, I don’t care.  I know that God seen it and that’s how I’m going about my life.  I want God to know our relationship between each other is number one in my life.  I have submitted my life to God and let Him take over…it’s the best decision you can make friends.

So tonight I’m reading in Proverbs, I’m reading all sorts of things and attempting to digest them.  I am reading them in two different versions and really trying to get the best bang for my buck, so to speak.  Here’s a couple verses I want you to take into consideration as you continue to go about your life.

Proverbs 17:26 It’s wrong to penalize good behavior, or make good citizens pay for the crimes of others.

How many times have you been in a sports setting, class setting, military setting, and even church settings, etc…have you seen an entire group punished for one or two persons action?  The first thing that comes to me is being on a sports team.  Perhaps, it’s a little league team, a few of the kids start to back talk and what happens?  Does just the few kids have to run?  No, the entire team runs, as a unit they are all punished for the actions of a few individuals.  Maybe you’re in the military, especially bootcamp, and someone makes the notion that a few guys or ladies do something wrong, unethical, or just wrong.  The entire group suffers the consequences.  The most relevant thing that comes to my mind is being in the classroom.  Teachers will make threats about if someone has their phone out in class that everyone will take a pop-quiz or that if someone talks during the exam, everyone has to retake the test (grade school).  There are TONS of examples.  I’ll give you one last one that is extremely discouraging.  I grew up in a Sunday school class where if a few were rowdy, then the entire class isn’t allowed to talk.  Or if a few act up, the entire group suffers.  I see this in Bible school a lot as well.  This even happens in households.  It’s simply the culture of America.  I just don’t think they realize that it isn’t how we should go about doing things.

So the obvious question…

Why do we do this?  Why is it that authority punishes everyone instead of just the individuals?  It’s clear to me that there are circumstances where you don’t know who did what, when, where, and why.  However, do you believe it’s just, right, or correct that everyone suffers because you don’t have the answers to the questions that you are responsible for?  Do you believe that power has something to do with this?  If not  punishing everyone to send the message, then how can we?  Good questions, but the Bible gives answers.

For example, we grew up going to school where teachers do these types of things.  So if we are getting this treatment early on, then we’re going to do that to our kids and their kids will do it to their kids and the cycle will never end.  This is how it all become, I believe.  I believe power plays a crucial role in this, you give people a little power and things can get insane.  It’s sort of the saying, you give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile.  That’s just a fact of life.

Okay, so the REAL question here….How do we handle things then?

In Ephesians, the Bible says for fathers not to jump down the throats of your child when they mess up, but to hold their hand and show them the way of the Lord.  So, if we’re to love our neighbors as ourselves, doesn’t it make sense that when people mess up that we should show them the right way instead of making a ton of people suffer consequences for things they had zero part in.  How many times do you believe that the child who never talks in class has had to take a pop-quiz because of others actions…Perhaps, they had to write a few papers due to the actions of others.  I know I had to do those things throughout my life in different settings.  I had to run extra laps in sports, take on extra work in school, etc.

In fact, the Bible says this in Proverbs 17:27 (the next verse): “The one who knows much says little, an understanding person remains calm”.  Thus my point, how many times do you see that one person who ALREADY knows how to act and goes about their life in a successful way have to pay for one poor individual actions?  Not only is it wrong by the fact the quiet person already knows how to act.  They know how to act, or it would be them doing the poor things.  It only makes sense!  But to follow up on the individual(s) whom are acting out and doing things against the grain, they need that Ephesians treatment, they need to be shown how they SHOULD act, it doesn’t do them any help or good to be punished if they were NEVER taught what they should do differently.

Proverbs also says this to add on to what I’m saying, Proverbs 18:5: “It’s not right to go easy on the guilty, or come down hard on the innocent”.

Ironically the excuse for the authority figures is always something to the effect of, “is builds character” or “extra work never hurt anyone”.

Does it really build character for someone to act out of character in order to prove a point?  Two wrongs don’t make a right and doesn’t prove a point.  I find it absurd that an authority figure can take the time to punish an entire setting or group and NOT take the time to show the people at fault the right way.  Don’t you notice in the classroom that it was always the same person (people) who were getting called out and punished?  Or it was always the same guy or girl on the team who acted out of conduct when they weren’t supposed to.  Who pays the price? Everyone does.  It’s funny that a coach can take the time to watch the team run, but can’t take the time to show the player the RIGHT way while the rest of the team does something productive.

It’s just something that I read and was extremely fascinated by.  I am fascinated and discouraged by the fact that America’s culture is so out of sync of the way God wants it to be.  I pray that God gives light onto our nation and shows us how we need to act, rather than how we do act.  I believe it could ultimately make a huge difference in the thing we call society.  There are going to be people that go read this and disagree with me COMPLETELY.  I respect that, but I am just reading God’s word and taking it for what it says because that’s what I’m supposed to do.  My ultimate goal is to try to get people to live the way God wants them to live as opposed to how society wants them to live by.  Sociological impacts are so overwhelming, but in the darkness, there is light and it’s God’s way.

I’ll leave you with this! Proverbs 21:31- “Do your best, prepare for the worst and trust God to bring victory”.

I thank you for taking the time to read what I’ve read and what’s going on in my life.  I pray for you all and love you all! I hope you all have an amazing night!!!!!!!!!

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