Why should we be hungry for God? Amos 4:6

Hello to all, I would like to thank all my consistent viewers because I’ve been passing milestone after milestone and I’m consistently getting tons of views.  This is way better than I could’ve ever imagined, I truly thank the Lord for giving me words to say to you guys.  God is so good.


So for this morning, I looked at Amos 4:6.  Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve EVER heard a sermon preached out of Amos.  I’m not sure if that’s strange or if that’s common, or if there’s just not much to be preached. I have no clue as to why that’s the case, but that’s where I would like to turn to!


So to pick up some context, please read all around Amos, but especially Amos 4.  


“You know, don’t you, that I’m the One

who emptied your pantries and cleaned out your cupboards,

Who left you hungry and standing in bread lines?

But you never got hungry for me.  You continued to ignore me.”

God’s decree.


Wow, those are some VERY strong words by God.  I want you to read that back a few times and really grasp the meaning of the stanza.  You see, it’s not one of those things that should be so surprising when we get hungry for the Lord.  We are to always be hungry for Him and never give up on his behalf.  God says some really bold things here and if you read the verses before this one, you’ll really get a grasp of that God MEANT business when He said this.  


I mean so how do we go about interpreting this?  I simply believe that God is making a statement to these people that unless we put our entire full effort into the Lord, then nothing can truly get accomplished.  We must be HUNGRY for God, we must reach to serve Him at all costs and He must be on our minds at all times.  What’s so hard to believe about us as humans is such that we take all of our blessings for granted.  God never starves from feelings for us, He remains immanent and hungry for us.  However, His hunger is so much different, He blesses us, gives us grace, shows us mercy, and performs miracles to show His love for us.  These are things that all happen on a daily basis, so I say to you friends…If God’s doing all of these things for US ALL, not just one, at the same time then why can’t we do the same very things for the Lord! Why can’t we all eat in God’s word and devour our devotions on a daily basis?  You see, God never has this issue, He takes care of it in our blessings.  How do we take the blessings?? Well, we sort of just walk away non-chalantly and take credit for God’s will.  That’s so wrong in so many standards.  


As Christians, we need to digest our daily hunger for the Lord, we don’t need to just show up to church on Sunday and expect our life to be cleansed and renewed. It’s factually stated in the scripture that you must do more than that or your relationship will not come about.  You see, in God’s eyes, whom are you going to be closer to? Someone you speak to for 1 hour a week, or someone you spend a few hours with a day?  You see, that’s a no-brainer, and the coolest thing about the Lord is there aren’t any arguments.  We are to be obedient in the Lord.  So it’s cool…I pray, read my Bible, do devotions, go to Church, and I’m closer to the Lord now than ever.  


It’s honestly the best feeling in the world.  It truly is and there’s not questions about that.  My God is an awesome God and I’m so privileged to say I serve Him.  I want you to find your hunger for the Lord and act upon it, it truly will make a huge difference in your life.  God rewards those who act in His name and do works to glorify His presence.  God can do miracles in your life, please speak with Him and you’ll never look back.



Thanks for taking the time to read my blog this evening, I love you all. I pray for you all and have an awesome day! God bless. 

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