Please read. Godly CEO and Netflix? My solution for Netflix.

I was thinking earlier, due to management class, on the implosion that is currently going on with Netflix.  Netflix is a really nice resource for people to be able to stream videos and past television shows.  I personally have had an account for 2 or 3 years and love it.  I enjoy watching old sports movies or old television shows.  It’s a really cool resource.  


However, I believe there is a solution to their recent downfall in their stock. It’s a way that a Godly CEO and Netflix could join together (maybe they already have one and just haven’t thought of this idea).  There is a fix that can happen to increase their consumer base!  So I pay $8.55 a month to get the service of Netflix, I probably don’t really use it enough to pay for the $8.55, but it is nice for whenever it’s stormy and you’d like to watch a good movie.  


However, there are a lot of people who depend on Netflix to stream their movies, shows, and other types visuals.  


So I have a solution.  What if Netflix joined with a non-profit organization to make the actual cost of using Netflix for $10.00 a month exactly. Netflix can charge a flat based cost of $10 to every user.  They should be able to have the same streaming ability, except they give that non-profit the difference of the $8.55 and the flat cost of $10.00. Thus donating $1.45 to this non-profit on behalf of every Netflix customer.  


I firmly believe this would capture the nation by storm and people would be more apt to put their money in Netflix.  I do also believe that big business men and women would also be more willing to put money into their stock.  Aside from the economical side of this, I believe that it could make a huge difference in our goal of ending global poverty.  


If Netflix had just a million customers, 1,000,000, out of the 400 million people in America, they could donate 1.45 million dollars to a non-profit monthly. Tell me that wouldn’t make the difference of a life time. Not only could they join with one non-profit, they could deviate the money to different ones.  I realize that this would be hard in today’s business world due to the fact that people today are extremely greedy and have the love of money.  


Imagine the possibilities that could come out of this though.  That would be almost 18 million dollars annually to non-profit organizations.  I have to believe that other companies would also join in on this…As a Christian, I have to continuously be thinking of ways that we could potentially help the people of the less fortunate.  That’s what the Bible tells me to do, that’s why I’m giving to a non-profit every month.  


I just thought I would share my thoughts as to how I believed Netflix could make it.  This is just one example.  I can only imagine the possibilities of other companies.  This is just an idea!  I just think if they knew that a percentage of their payment is going to a non-profit every month, they would be more willing to commit to the service. That’s just my personal opinion. I would firmly rather pay $10 knowing 15% was going to a non-profit then paying $8.55 and knowing the company is taking in every penny. That’s just my simple ideology. Have a blessed day!

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