Listen to the Lord. He will always let you know where you stand.

Hello to all again,


It’s Sunday morning and I’m under the weather. Church services moved from 11 am to 10 am starting this morning.  Talk about a serious change.  I’m feeling very under the weather and will make my best attempt to make it to God’s house this morning. There have been a lot of new changes this week in my life and honestly it is amazing.

  1. Settling into classes well
  2. New Bible!
  3. I got my haircut off for the first time since I was 12! SHOCKER
  4. My girlfriend and I went to two different new places, one a bakery, Mindy’s bakery, and the other was an ice cream place, Jack the Dipper.  If you live in the Sylva/Cullowhee area, you’ve got to try these places, they’re absolutely amazing!

My week was really good.  My spiritual life is gaining power by the second, I find myself speaking with the Lord very often and our conversations are as deep as ever.  I am reading the Bible a lot more than every before…when I pick it up, it’s really hard to put down. I am just so fascinated with interest in what the Bible has too offer.  The creation of the World is only the most interesting that’s ever happened.  The fact God can make a human out of dirt is simply AWESOME! 

For this morning, pick up reading Genesis 3-6.  Genesis 5 is mainly a family tree that explains everyones fathers and sons and how long they lived, which is fascinating because of the length of time they lived.  For example, Adam lived for 930 years.  This is kind of funny, but I wonder what Adam looked like at 930 years old?  Did they age as we did? Or did they age slower? It’s pretty interesting!


However, if you read in chapter 6, you’ll see exactly why we live to the age we do!  God says He doesn’t want us to live endlessly, so He says we will live for about 120 years.  I find that to be intriguing. If you read the rest, you’ll understand the context and why exactly the Lord decided to make that decision to cut our lifespan.  


I believe the beginning of time is very interesting!  Please read the rest! This way you can understand exactly why everything is the way it is! You can understand how humans were made! You can understand why everything was named the way it was!  You can learn so much on so little scripture.  It’s pretty incredible.



I pray that you attend your church service this morning and accept what the Lord has in mind for you! God is so GOOD. He will never leave nor forsake you, I hope your does goes well. I pray the Lord blesses you in countless ways. I love you all and look forward to writing you again very soon!


Remember what I said previously, YOU must accept the Lords presence before Church to really accept what He has to offer you!  Listen to the Lord, for His vision for you and I is perfect. He will always let you know where you stand in His kingdom!!!!

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