God works in mysterious ways.

This will be a quick message, but SUPER fascinating…


Last night, Caroline (my girlfriend of a year and a month) and I were looking over the Bible together and discussing various portions.  Sort of asking questions back and forth and growing in our knowledge of the Word. It was an awesome experience, she’s truly amazing!  


Here’s what’s cool and different about that experience.  I asked her who “the bride” of the Lord was, because we were reading a part in Revelation, she said the Church…guess what was the first song that played at church this morning…You guessed it, it said specifically about how the Church was the Lord’s bride. COOL. This is just the beginning though, I looked over all sorts of verses about how the Lord works. WIthin books like Genesis and Exodus. Like about Abraham, Moses, Noah, and others. Guess what we talked about last night???? THE EXACT SAME things that were discussed by Pastor Handy today.  That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Matter of fact, Pastor Handy actually put the same verses on the screen that Caroline and I talked about..it doesn’t stop there.


You remember how I talked about how to treat the wicked a while back? We discussed the EXACT SAME thing in service today.  I’ve never had a moment like that in church before, I was simply in AWE. I was simply in awe of the fact I knew what was going on and could get a better GRASP and understanding of what was being preached. I FIRMLY believe that God did that as a reward to me, I believe it was meant to be. It simply just all clicked during service today and I couldn’t stop focusing on the preaching. I was just simply in amazement of how everything was connecting together and how my understanding of God’s word was gaining momentum. For the first time, I didn’t feel like I was behind…I felt like I was where I was supposed to be, on par with the field, or in the place I needed to be to increase my knowledge.  It was simply amazing and no words really justify the way I felt in service.  I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t believe it was happening, and I felt TRULY blessed.  


As for how’s my life?  It’s the best it’s been in a long time, well maybe ever. Every morning I simply feel more and more blessed by God’s presence and see it more so than ever.  I notice Him every second seemingly, I want to thank all of you who support me and this blog.  It’s moving mountains in my life.  I’m becoming a man through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am becoming extraordinary from a Supernaturally perfect God.  It’s not that I’m any better of a person, it’s just I’m realizing my blessings and giving the praise to the Lord.  My oh my, I’m so blessed.   It honestly brings tears to me eyes to believe that God could have such a lasting impact on me and to imagine what God could do to society is frankly unfathomable.  It’s unbelievable and unimaginably immaculate.  Mercy, I’m in love with the Lord. 


I want to grow in my relationship with Him, I want Him to guide my girlfriend and I to the promise land. I pray everyday that when I have a family, I do the necessary Godly things and continue to live for Him.  After seeing these results over the past few weeks, it only leaves me wishing I would have started this a lot sooner, but I’m here to assure you, my desire for the Lord is ONLY growing not fading.  I’m on fire for the Lord.  


So here’s my objective of the message, I ask that you seek out to the Lord tonight.  You shouldn’t have to ask Him to put that fire in your belly, you should just feel it and know it’s what is supposed to be, so I ask that YOU act on it.  You be BOLD, GIVE YOUR LIFE OVER, SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE, and PRAISE HIM.  My life is so peaceful now, I am truly amazed and blessed by God’s grace and mercy upon us.  


So I’ll leave you with this…


We owe God everything. God gave us life. So let’s return the favor and live for the Master that gave us it all, when we deserved none.  May God Bless you and Keep you in His Kingdom forever. I love you all.

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