Truly blessed by God’s grace today.

Hi all viewers, 


I am surpassing my expectations for views on this blog by the dozens, God is having me reevaluate my goals for my work.  I’m learning first hand how powerful God being on your team can be.  This will simply be a short progressional related journal entry.  Tonight will come the long illustrious blog.  I will list some of my goals that I begun with and where my goals stand today.  Keep in mind, this is basically to document my communication with the Lord, so letting you in on my expectations and goals, I believe is extremely vital to continue my recent success.


I went into this blog with these goals in mind.

  • Get back on track with the Lord…check
  • Perhaps find a few people to read it, goal of 3 views…check
  • Write everyday…check
  • Make time for the Lord in the morning and the evening…check

Those are simply a few goals that I had in mind prior to beginning my blog, however; with the help of my amazing Lord and Savior, I have FAR exceeded this goals and am setting my goals higher. 


Here are my reviewed list of goals for the week that will be contingent on your help and dedication.

  1. Get 50 views from 7 different nations. (Sunday I had 37 views from 5 different nations)
  2. Write twice a day
  3. Relay everything that goes on between I and the Lord to where you can comprehend such
  4. Live everyday for God and put my words to practice at all times


It’s Tuesday at 3:30 and I already have near 30 views on my blog today, a week ago I had 1 view on Tuesday.  It’s truly incredible what God is DOING! Typically 80% of views come after dinner time, so I could actually eclipse 50 today with the help of others, but I want to keep my goals realistic! 


Again, I’m simply writing this blog to broadcast how God is impacting my life on a daily basis.  This is God’s blog, not mine, He is simply putting words in my fingers to type, and I am transcribing them.  I pray for you all to have an amazing day and I look forward to speaking again to you guys tonight! I love you all. 

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