Matthew 4:4, great goodnight post!

I know I’ve already wrote a nightly devotions post, but this post is sort of an “evidence” post, or a means of proof to anyone who doubts my writing.  I felt an urge to randomly open my Bible to a certain page…I opened up to this very page and that was the first verse I looked at…wow, what a great verse God chose for me to look at.


Please read Matthew for the contextual portion of the verse. For the Bible says in Matthew 4.4;


“But Jesus answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”.  



This is where the tempter, Satan, demanded that bread be made of stones of bread. What a great response and a great reminder to us as Christians.


We must take this message literally and we must take this message as a reminder that we have to do what the Lord says.  There is no alternative, we must live the way God wants us to live.  We must be obedient to the Lord. 


Goodnight all. Please continue to read all of my blogs.  I am simply trying to get Gods word out and trying to grow exponentially in my spiritual life. 


I’ll leave you with this, the Bible says that for every temptation there is a way out…keep that in mind as your mind wanders before you sleep, or your day goes rough tomorrow. I pray that all of you have a wonderful night and a blessed day tomorrow. God bless you all! I love you all! Thanks so much for taking the time and consideration to read my posts, it’s greatly appreciated!

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