I’ll leave you with this before bed. Godly tip!

Again, I am so blessed by God to come back and write to you all.  Something we all take for granted is life and that it isn’t a big deal, I don’t believe like that.  I believe what the Bible teaches and that’s we’re not given another breath, when it’s our time to be done living for the Lord, he will take us away.  It’s all apart of His will.  That is what will be done, without a doubt.

As for my message to you all, I want to discuss how God’s impacting my life.  I am a person who has had problems with anger, frustration, perfectionism, laziness, spitefulness, unworthy, and so many more awful negative adjectives.  However, let’s be honest, we ALL have had our flaws, so you can’t judge me for being honest about mine. I’d guarantee none of you have actually admitted to the World Wide Web what exactly have been your drawbacks in life.  But since God’s on my side and changing my life beyond believe, I’m unashamed to admit my problems and issues.  I have been believing with my entire heart for about 10 days that God and I could team up to do amazing things.  I’ve started believing everything I read in the BIble and I’m seeing the results.  I have complete peace in my life, I can tell in my studies, love life, spiritual life, and every aspect that life has to offer.  I believe that I am poise, collective, genuine, and acting as exactly how God would want me to do.  I’m trying so hard to continue this trend.  I am becoming a real Godly man.

So I’m here to take what I’ve learned, then explain to you the ways to continue your recent success.

Keep in mind, this blog is to document the success that I’ve been getting from God.  I want to inspire you, all of you, to have this same type of relationship with the Lord.  I want you to experience the supernatural effects that God can have on you. I’m so touched and blessed by my Lord and Savior!

  • Stay on track and don’t get distracted- In life today, it’s so easy to get distracted by your IPhone, Laptop, IPad, Android, TV, radio, and so many other aspects of life.  Just worship God as much as you can, at every moment if possible.
  • PRAY-
  • Pray
  • Referring
  • All
  • Yearning for God.

Remember that acronym.  Yearning is defined as having an intense feeling of longing for something.  In order to REALLY reach people to Christ and keep people living for the Lord, you have to pray for the people who are LONGING to be with the Lord.  We need to gather all the people we can possibly get to join in Heaven one day, that’s our ultimate goal.  We need to be working for God at all costs, it’s so essential to pray for those who need God and those who are accepted in the Lords house but are struggling.  I truly believe that’s what we need to be doing.  Embracing our relationship with the Lord, if we don’t, nobody will ever convert and come to the Lord.

Also, please pray for our soldiers fighting in other countries, pray for friends, family, fellow co-workers, classmates, anyone you know…everyone needs prayer.  I pray for each and every one of you. I pray that we can all join in Heaven and serve God together as one! I will leave you with this quick note, smile tomorrow, do a good deed, and embrace Christianity.  Actions speak louder than words, they will go a long way. Show people you’re a Christian. Goodnight and God bless you all. I can’t wait to write to you guys in the morning. I absolutely LOVE trying to reach out to others about God, when in actuality, I’m just relaying God’s advice to me to you guys.

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