Having a difficult Monday? Here’s a solution! God’s way.

Hi all,


First and foremost, I thank God for allowing me to write this. I thank Him for giving me the tools that are needed to equip this message for your benefit.  Mondays are conveyed as the hardest day of week.  I don’t think I would agree with that, but some believe that because being fresh off of a weekend, it makes it that much harder to go back to school, work, or ordinary daily responsibilities. Sure that’s difficult, but how about changing your perception and looking at the pros of a Monday.  Here’s a look at how I go about my Mondays (and all days frankly, but Mondays are increasingly difficult).  


  1. Greet everyone with respect
  2. Everyone else is struggling, so brighten someones day
  3. Do a good deed for someone, it could be as simple as holding the door open for someone, just do something that will impact their day and will refresh them
  4. Strike a conversation with someone who looks down and make them laugh

Those things are simple things that can turn around someones day.  Once you get accustomed to doing those little things, then start trying harder things…like

  • Talk about your Church service from Sunday
  • Throw in a little Gospel nugget (mention your moral beliefs)
  • Let people know it’s God, not yourself doing the deeds. God deserves all the glory
  • When someone sneezes say something as simple as God bless you, it makes all the difference in their perception of you.  Your goal is to show God’s glory not to look “hip”, “cool”, or even be conscious of others opinions because their opinion doesn’t even matter. Simply show your relationship with the Lord

If you begin incorporating those things into your weekly routine and actively start showing people you’re a Christian and your beliefs are legitimate, they will have a reverence (respect) for you.  It’s so important to show others that you’re morally sound and are in love with Jesus Christ, we as Christians need to get God’s word, ways, work, and grace out to the world.  If we would simply expose His grace and show others how it can impact them, I believe this world could still turn around and become amazing again.  


These are just a few simple ways that can make your day go along a little better, and since you’re day is getting better, you may as well tag a few other people along and brighten theirs!  


I do believe that with God’s help we can all touch other people. We can really make a difference as God’s community.  I pray that anyone who reads this will take something from and apply it to their day.  I love you all and pray you have a blessed day. I pray that the Lord lets light shine upon your day. 

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