You will be rewarded for “Jesus” time. Great church service today.

Take a moment to look back on your day.  Recap how your day went, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and everything.  You’re going to see a little bit of both, but then look at how God impacted your day and all the many blessings…then compare to how the Devil interfered with your day.  Perhaps by temptation, mind wandering, sinful thoughts, and activities.

I’m hopeful that you look back and see that God impacted your day more than Satan did.  I know that God impacted mine much more.  I woke up and did my devotions first thing, went to church with my beautiful girlfriend directly after, spent the entire day working on homework, and now am writing to you all.  That’s my quick recap, but here’s how you should look at that day…Sure, it was REALLY BUSY, I spent 2 hours in a group meeting in my senior level event management class.  But I don’t see the chaos of the day, I don’t see that I didn’t have “me” time or “lazy” time.  I see that God blessed me with the ability to read, pray, live, survive, display my knowledge, bless me with opportunities, allow me to talk, allow me to walk, allow me to see, and so many other things.  I was blessed with proper resources dealing with nutrition.  I was blessed with everything that happened today.  It makes me so happy knowing that God is by my side blessing me more now than ever.

The cool thing about knowing God is there and that I’m serving God is that…I will be rewarded for my work for the Lord.  We learned in church today about whatever you do for the Lord will be recognized and you will be rewarded later on by the Lord.  Thus do everything to the best of your ability in a Godly way and he will reward you for it.  It doesn’t matter whether you work at McDonalds or at a church volunteering, you should act the same and give it your all. Pastor Handy did an amazing job conveying that message to our congregation!  I loved it.

The scripture to back up the passage is in Ephesians chapter 6. It’s a really amazing passage, please open your Bible and check it out! Again, I can’t give it to you all, you won’t learn anything that way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I will continue to be posting as often as I can as I team up with the almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love Him more than anything in this world.  I thank HIm for all the many blessings today.  I thank Him for blessing me with an amazing family, girlfriend, education, lifestyle, body, and everything that I am blessed with.  He is truly amazing.

I pray for everyone out there and especially that one day we will all join together again.  My goal is to simply spread the ways of Christianity via this blog.  It seems farfetched, but I am a driven individual and with God all things are possible, so there isn’t a doubt in my mind I can’t achieve those goals.  We’re already getting more views than I could’ve imagined this getting. So please come back and enjoy this message!!!! I love you all and God bless.

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