God created this World…no doubt in my mind.

God created this Earth for many things that will understand and many things we will never understand or comprehend. One thing I know for sure is that God exists.  I know that God is the ONLY God. I know that God is not only my Father, but yours as well.  There will never be a moment that I doubt God’s existence.  Here’s a few reasons why I’ll never doubt our all consuming, all knowing, all merciful Lord and Savior.


  1. The Light, Dark, Day, Night, Sky, Waters, Sun, Moon, and Stars.  Here’s what’s neat about this whole blog thing…I can relate this message to previous messages, so you remember when I spoke about Christianity is all about believing and having faith in what the Word says?  Yeah, so do I…Read some of Genesis, it elaborates on the entirety of the worlds creation.  (I can’t give you everything, if I did, what would you learn?) Aside from the fact that the word specifically recognizes this wonderful feat.  Imagine this, how could rocks in the galaxy hit together and form circles?  How could they form perfect circles?  How could these rocks in the galaxy hit perfectly together to form a planet where us humans could live?  How could these rocks form the exact degree of distance for people to survive on?  Or the animals?  Or the plants?  How could something magically happen like the Big Bang proposes?  Right, it couldn’t.  But before I speak more, if God said that’s how it would have happened, I would have believed it.  The Bible never mentions a Big Bang 500 million years ago.  God simply spoke and said Light and light appeared.  So what’s even neater about this is that not only do we have a sun that rises EVERY MORNING, a moon that sets EVERY NIGHT, and stars that shine always bright.  We have something as perfect as a high and low tide in the oceans that never fail to occur.  We never lose air to breathe.  We have plentiful resources for food on this beautiful creation.  We are plentiful wealthy in opportunity.  This wasn’t by accident as the Lord says in Genesis.  
  2. Next the animals, God specifically details the animals and their existence.  Genesis 1:20-23- God spoke, “Swarm, Ocean, with all fish and sea life! Birds fly through the sky over the Earth. God created huge whales, and all of the life swarmed in the waters.  And every kind and species of birds, God saw that it was good.  God blessed them: “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill the Ocean! Birds reproduce on Earth! It was the evening, it was the morning- Day five.”  If you read the next two verses, God introduces every kind of life.  Is that enough evidence for you?  This is just an example of how descriptive God was about His creations.  To me, that is unbelievably descriptive, I am in awe of the fact He blessed someone supernaturally to write exactly what took place on this amazing Earth.  Wow. So blessed that I know exactly what happened, that I was given the ability to have FAITH and believe exactly what took place!  AWESOME. Incredibly comforting.
  3. Us.  Look at how complex we are.  Look in the mirror, name every bone…name every organ…can you?  Maybe if that’s your field of study, but I highly doubt it.  Even if you can, can you explain wind?  Can you explain how we breathe air? Do you know what air exactly is?  Do you understand the exact cycle of why everyone gets sick?  Do you have every answer to fix every problem in life dealing with health?  Do you know the body perfectly enough to where you’re rolling your eyes at this?  No. No. No.  Nobody does, of course not.  The best doctors in the world can’t save everyone.  If you had every answer there wouldn’t be an incurable disease like AIDS, Cancer, and all the others out there.  Look at how complex the environment effects our body on a daily basis.  It’s FASCINATING.  Thus the reason why nobody knows all the answers except for God.  What would be the point of creating an entire universe and giving every person the power of knowing everything?  My point stands clear.  Until someone comes along and knows everything, and after the 2394823498234 people that have lived on this Earth, I’m certain that nobody will ever know except for the Lord himself.  Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree?  If you’re not in 100% agreement then your faith is really suffering, so keep reading everyday.  I’m not writing to become famous, make a fortune, or receive accolades. I’m writing in hopes that I can impact one person. Hopefully many many more, but all of this writing, all of this time, if I just impacted one person it would be completely worth it all.  So keep reading. I’m here to PROVE you that God is the ONLY God and the one who will help you forever and ever. The one will stand by your side until the day you perish and hopefully join Him in Heaven one day.  

Listen, I’m no expert. I’m not a genius. I’m not someone with a gift of being able to write.  I’m not someone who was supernaturally blessed like the BIble writers.  However, I am a normal person.  I am person with a fire in my stomach.  I am a person who does what they say.  I am one who is growing in my relationship with God.  I just thought since I was growing in my relationship with the Lord, I would bring someone along with me.  That’s ultimately what we’re supposed to do…we’re supposed to be witnessing to others, what other better way to do that then to witness to the world on the internet. That’s what I’m doing. I’m just your ordinary Guy backed by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I will do my duty to the Lord and do my daily devotions. I just want to help another along the way. So please have a wonderful day and hope you learned something about our terrific and all knowing God.


P.S. Don’t forget to pray and talk to God, he wants to know how you’re feeling at every moment.  That improves your relationship with Him and let’s him know where you stand in His kingdom. God wants to be your best friend at all times, when you do something great…celebrate by glorifying Him and never look back. When something goes wrong, talk to Him about it and He’ll guide you in the right direction! That is all, thanks again!

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