Verse of the day:

Matthew 19:26 “With God all things are possible” 


Today was an incredible day as far as my life is concerned.  The love of my life and I went and spent the day together. I wont get too mushy and explain the details…Also though a great day as far as my blog is concerned, with God’s help, I’m eclipsing my record number of views in a day and a viewer outside of the US has viewed my blog today.  Hopefully, teaming up with God and my viewers, we can start to really increase those numbers and get the Word spread everywhere.  I feel it as my obligation to God to do my daily devotions as us Christians are supposed to do, so I believe that I can do much more than just opening my Bible and praying a little.  I believe that I can maximize my devotions by attempting to help other peoples relationships with Christ.  Perhaps a new perspective every now and again can make all the difference.  However, I do ask that you be patient with my writing because I will get better as I get more experience.  


As far as the verse is concerned, if you ever doubt our great Lord, then look up this passage which the verse is in.  Read that in fact, with God, we can do ANYTHING.  That doesn’t mean that sometimes you can do incredible things, that means no matter how big the task you can DO ANYTHING with God.  Some people probably seen me starting to write this blog and sort of shoved it to the side and was like this wont last, but I firmly BELIEVE that with God I can make this blog successful.  That’s me simply putting my faith in the Lord and praying that His direction will guide me and write about things that will help you go through your daily routine.  I will have a more detailed blog with a passage following later tonight.  I ask that if you view this blog that you check back tonight or tomorrow.  



Something to keep in the back of your mind, God is always with you no matter what happens.  Whether you have the worst day of your life or the best.  Tell the Lord about your day.  Be descriptive because God wants to know your feelings.  Please have a wonderful evening.  I am praying for your all. 

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