Life is such an interesting phenomenon, we are SO blessed to be able to stand here today and live.  None of us are promised tomorrow, but I can assure you that we all enjoy the fact we’re still alive and kicking.  Most people in this world don’t take the time to really thank the Lord for ALL that He does for us…well please don’t be most people, please take the time to give Him thanks and show your TRUE appreciation for being alive today and being able to live for His glory.  Now, I’m not saying we’re all perfect and saying that you have to pray 23942389 times a day, but I am saying try to pray every morning, before every meal, and before bed.  I do believe that prayer is the ultimate way to speak to the Lord.  If you don’t pray, then what sort of relationship do you have?  Yeah, maybe you can do what my previous posts have said, read the Bible, believe it’s true, and listen to sermons online…However, it’s more than that, it’s the power of prayer. In Christianity, we have a few things that set themselves apart from the rest and that’s prayer, reading the Bible, and going to church.  Christianity is a PERSONAL religion, with a PERSONAL God, and a God that’s infinite.  We must make that personal relationship as strong as possible.  That relationship is what will show God how useful you can be in His kingdom and show Him how much you truly love to live for Him.  Now some people think prayer is sort of weird, or different, or even uncomfortable.  Some people believe that it’s silly or foolish to pray to something you can’t see…That’s a part of Christianity though, you MUST believe by Faith and not by sight.  No, you’re not speaking to someone who is PHYSICALLY beside you at the moment, but spiritually God is listening to you every moment.  Remember, God is a personal God.  He wants you to tell Him everything in specifics.  He wants you to pray about everything in life.  That lets you know how much you trust in Him, because much like your friends…you tell the important things to only a select few and not everyone…In this case, what you tell God is what God believes you ultimately think are most important.  Thus, letting him know your anxieties, your fears, and even the things you want to positively impact others.  Speaking to God about anything can really impact others and you as well.  As I’ve said before, reading the Bible can really impact you by bringing forth peace into your life…Simply believe the Gospel and God will bring peace. He will start to show up in places you least expect.  Thus after prayer, once you build that foundation in your life, your life can improve infinitely.  Not only will you notice peace into your life, but you will notice that you are much more poised with God on your side.  When problems arise, it’s almost as if “he’s whispering” in your ear telling you and guiding you.  I experience some of these things on a daily basis and it’s pretty remarkable.  So this message is basically about how important prayer is…How important it is to talk to the Lord about everything in life.  It’s just unbelievably crucial to have that relationship with the Lord or you can’t fulfill the actual experiences of Christianity.  Last note, remember don’t just pray for your own life, but pray for others as well.  Hebrews 4 is a very good passage for this! Specifically verse 16.



Tomorrow night I will be writing on the importance of trying your hardest in all that you do for the Lord.


Please have a blessed night. God bless!!!

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