Please, if interested in God. If you’re someone who doesn’t quite have the guts to go to church, please go to! Steven Furtick is an unbelievable preacher. Check him out, watch his ministry. He relates to people of ALL ages, his church is from Charlotte, NC. His ministry has helped me to want to try to blog devotions. To try to team up with the Lord and help someone. But don’t be content with just watching a video. Read your Bible along with him, press pause, digest the passage and so forth. Once you feel comfortable, please try and go to a church. Sit in the pew, enjoy the sermon and begin trying to live for the Lord. If you don’t like him, I have many more options for online preaching, I can recommend them as well! Their ministries give me the opportunity to not just serve on Sunday, but everyday! I take pride in that I do try to listen to multiple sermons every single day.  I never get tired of His word. #Godisgood. 

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